About Us

We are a 2 person show from Sweet Home Alabama!  We got our start selling our handmade jewelry at concerts and flea markets, which snow balled in to an attempt to have a store front in Guntersville, AL. Our hearts were on the road though, so we closed our store and started this website. What started as a way to sell our shop's goods quickly turned into a way to carry items we were finding from our artists friends on the road at concerts and festivals. We also quickly jumped on the lapel pin craze by first buying friends designs and getting them into the hands of people who couldn't find them anywhere but at concerts and festivals. Now we are creating our own designs and helping others do the same! We have even branched into different mediums such as socks, tshirts and koo-zies!
We try to constantly come out with new ways to show love, for the life you lead.
 We have had the honor of hosting many incredible artists in our booth and watched many grow and become well known in the concert and festival scene! Anything we can do to further an artist is what we love to do the most!

We were recently able to achieve a goal that we have been striving towards for quite some time now, by living our dream and following our hearts, we were able to create a wonderful savings and move to Colorful Colorado! 


"Make the choice adventurous stranger, strike the bell and bide the danger or wonder 'till it drives you mad what would have happened if you had."
..CS Lewis..